Module 1: Welcome to the Seal of Coherence

April 2, 2015


with Tiara Kumara...
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This is a very important first module! The Seal of Coherence is the foundational overlay to our biological mutation and the one that, when opened, creates a needed vibrational base for the synergistic unlocking of all of the other Seals.


Again, these seals within us are portals of consciousness that we are activating and expanding through as a pathway to actualize our greater potential. Opening this seal helps you to:

  • Integrate the Greater Self into your physical expression
  • Recalibrate your entire energy body so that you can embody the vibration of oneness, permanently.
  • Build stronger coherence with your whole-listic self as a vast, multidimensional creator being.
  • Know that YOU are the creator of your reality and all of its reflections.
  • Learn how to tap into the same power that drives the entire universe.

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