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Introduction of Rhythmic Entrainment
PREVIEW: Rite of Divine Purpose
Discourse: Rite of Divine Purpose
Affirming Divine Purpose
PREVIEW: Rite of Will Transference
Principles and Tools of Entrainment
2019 Directions

2019 Directions

February 21, 2019
Broadcast ~ Rite of Will Transference
Affirming Will Transference
PREVIEW: Rite of Integral Purity
Affirming Integral Purity
PREVIEW: Rite of Holy Communion
PREVIEW: Rite of Center Point
Affirming Holy Communion
Affirming Center Point
PREVIEW: Rite of Thought Repolarization
Affirming Thought Repolarization
PREVIEW: Rite of Matrix Shift
Affirming Matrix Shift
PREVIEW: Rite of Inclusive Identity
Affirming Inclusive Identity
PREVIEW: Rite of Absorption
Affirming Light Absorption
Preview: Rite of Multidimensional Intelligence
Affirming Multidimensional Intelligence
PREVIEW: Rite of Ascension
Affirming Ascension

Affirming Ascension

November 25, 2019

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